AIS Transactions on Replication Research


This paper reinvestigates the impact of social networking site use by employees on job performance by conducting a methodological replication of Moqbel, Nevo, and Kock (2013) using samples (N=139) from Pakistan. In both studies, social networking site use has significant effects on organizational commitment and job satisfaction, and job satisfaction also has a significant impact on job performance and organizational commitment. In comparison with the U.S., we find that social networking site use in Pakistan has no significant impact on job performance through the mediating effect of job satisfaction, yet has a significant effect on organizational commitment and job satisfaction. In conclusion, although social networking site use does not have an impact on job performance per se, it does have significant effects on other work-related outcomes—job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Future studies are encouraged to methodologically replicate this study in several different countries to examine whether results hold and conceptually replicate this study by measuring presenteeism and work-life balance as mediators to see if the theorizing of the original study holds.