Technology Research, Education, and Opinion (TREO) sessions provide attendees a platform to present their research ideas, education papers, or opinion papers that cover any area of information systems (IS) or information technology (IT) and to get feedback from attendees. Authors of accepted TREO Talks are invited to record a five-minute presentation. TREO submissions are in the form of a one-page abstract (approx. 500 words) that will be editorially reviewed. The audience are invited to nominate presentations for the “People’s Choice” awards. “Editors’ Choice” and “People’s Choice” awarded abstracts are highlighted in the conference proceeding.

TREO Co-Chairs;
Karlene Cousins, Ph.D., Florida International University
Hani Safadi, Ph.D., University of Georgia, USA


Submissions from 2021


AMCIS 2021 TREO Overview II, Karlene Cousins


AMCIS 2021 TREO Overview, Hani Safadi