The world is constantly changing and facing us with challenges to which we do not know the solutions. COVID-19 forms a clear example of this development. To be able to react properly on this type of development Life-long learning forms a crucial element in this. In this discussion paper, four inherently related concepts were brought together: life-long learning, cooperative learning, the Adaptive Cycle of Resilience (ACoR) model and ecosystems. By combining these concepts, we intend to rethink our learning structures. In this light, two questions are raised. One, how do we make sure we are prepared for unforeseen events like COVID-19? And two, what is the role of evaluation in the process of preparing for the unknown? How do we know what to evaluate? The main concepts are structured into a proposed integrated ecosystem architecture to facilitate life-long learning, which contributes to laying the foundation of the development of ecosystems in which life-long learning is the main objective.