Track Chairs
Yang Bao, Ph.D., Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Lemai Nguyen, Ph.D., Deakin University
Harry Wang, Ph.D., University of Delaware

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Tuesday, July 2nd

A Systematic Literature Review on Gender Bias in AI – Towards Inclusiveness in Machine Learning

Frédéric Tronnier, Goethe-University Frankfurt
Sascha Löbner, Goethe University
Alina Azanbayev, EBS Universität
Max Lukas Walter, Goethe University

Actualising AI Affordances: Insights from a Professional Service Firm’s Journey

Jiaqi Yang, Macquarie University
Mauricio Marrone, Macquarie University
Alireza Amrollahi, Macquarie Business School

AI Strategy in Action: A Case Study on Make-or-Buy for AI-based Services

Miriam Gräf, Technical University of Darmstadt
Maren Mehler, Technical University of Darmstadt
Sara Ellenrieder, Technical University of Darmstadt

AI-centered vs. Human-centered: Exploring Users’ Attitude toward AIGC in Varying Forms of Human-AI Collaboration

Mingyue Zhang, Shanghai International Studies University
Yu Xu, Shanghai International Studies University
Xuan Wei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Evaluation Framework for Large Language Model-based Conversational Agents

Anna Wolters, University of Koblenz
Arnold F. Arz von Straussenburg, University of Koblenz
Dennis M. Riehle, University of Koblenz

Evolutionary Algorithms to Optimize Pricing Decisions for new Products in B2C Shops – Should one really use Dynamically Adjusted Group Pricing?

Richard Lackes, Technische Universität Dortmund

Exploring the Technological Potential and Moral Perils of Generative AI in Post-Adoption Use

Zhen Shao, Harbin Institute of Technology
Jing Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology

How Do Human Creators Compete with Art-ificial Intelligence? An Empirical Analysis

Ohchan Kwon, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yue Zhang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Human Reaction to GenAI Threats: A Perspective of Protection Motivation Theory

Xiao XIAO, Southern University of Science and Technology
Kun Chen, Southern University of Science and Technology
Zhenbin Yan, Tongji University

Impact of AI Capabilities on IT Ambidexterity and Organizational Agility

Waseem Rawat, University of Cape Town
Justin Raymond Barnes, University of Pretoria

Is Friendly Always better and Alert Always Worse? The Mechanisms of Different Styles and Alert Presence in AI Interview

RUWEN TIAN, City University of Hong Kong
David (Jingjun) Xu, City University of Hong Kong
Zhiyin Li, City University of Hong Kong

Making the Internet a safe space for children by leveraging the power of AI

Kasuni Weerasinghe, Auckland University of Technology

Navigating New Frontiers: Insights into the Normalization of ChatGPT within Organizational Data Analysis Teams

Udayangi Perera Muthupoltotage, University of Auckland

News by AI, Gains for All: Retail Investors’ Ride with Caution’s Call

Yanzhen Chen, HKUST
Chewei Liu, Indiana University
Qianqian Zhuang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Noise-Robust Readability for Corporate Disclosures

Fu-Hsien Huang, National Taiwan Unversity
Hsin-Min Lu, National Taiwan University
Yu-Hsuan Chuang, National Taiwan University
Chi Ai Wu, National Taiwan University

Phase Space Reconstructed Neural Ordinary Differential Equations Model for Stock Price Forecasting

Anh Quoc Nguyen, RMIT Vietnam
Son Ha, RMIT Vietnam
Hieu Thai, RMIT Vietnam

Privacy by Design: Data-Saving Activity Estimation Using Room-Based Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for Ambient Assisted Living

Tobias Albert Kohl, Goethe University
Maximilian Lowin, Goethe University

Service level optimizing and shared bike rebalancing based on multi-agent deep reinforcement learning

Jiahui Feng, University of Science and Technology of China
Yingbo Li, University of Science and Technology of China
Hefu Liu, School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China

The Dialog Trap: Exploring Potentially Detrimental Effects of Dialog-Based Interfaces for Generative AI Content Creation

Adrian Glauben, Technical University Darmstadt
Anne Zöll, TU Darmstadt
Bhavika Sharma, Technical University of Darmstadt
Filip Kristo, TU Darmstadt

The Philosopher’s Stone for Science – The Catalyst Change of AI for Scientific Creativity

Yi-Jen (Ian) Ho, Tulane University
Qian Chen, Pennsylvania State University
Sun Pin, Renmin University
Dashun Wang, Kellogg School of Management

The Value of AI-Inferred Facial Personality Traits: Evidence from Chinese Financial Analysts

Jiaxu PENG, School of Accountancy, Central university of Finance and Economics
Fan Feng, Beihang University

Viva Understanding or Narrowly Okay? The Impact of Empathy on User Forgiveness and Perceived Bottlenecks in LLMs

Yixing Yang, South China university of technology
Jianxiong Huang, South China University of Technology
Xuefei Guo, Export Control Compliance Department