As Cybersecurity continues to have a significant impact on modern society, there is a pressing need for a more comprehensive research agenda in Information Systems (IS). In this study, we conducted a thorough literature review of prominent IS journals to identify gaps in Cybersecurity research practices. Our findings indicate that there is a significant gap between research and practice, particularly in terms of focus on Cybersecurity behavioural factors in the past decade. To address this gap, we recommend that future Cybersecurity research in IS should adopt a broader perspective that incorporates relevant sociotechnical knowledge areas and theories. We provide an example of Cybersecurity research topics that go beyond behavioural aspects and suggest mapping of Cybersecurity sociotechnical research knowledge areas in Information Systems to guide future research efforts. This study highlights the importance of broadening the scope of Cybersecurity research in IS to address the complex Cybersecurity challenges in contemporary practice.


Paper Number 1404; Track Cybersecurity; Complete Paper



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