Following its extensive application in study on consumers' retail experience, AR (augmented reality) technology has been increasingly applied in social media, notably the "AR filter" service, which has been embraced by quite a few brands as a novel marketing tool, taking advantage of its entertaining value and dissemination effect to boost brands' perceived image among consumers. However, there have been fewer studies that examine the effectiveness of brand-developed AR filter services in enhancing consumer perceptions of brand image in the context of social media. To bridge the research gap, the study, based on the S-O-R model, looked into the effect of consumers' cognition of AR-filter features on the realism of their experience and thus their perceived brand image. The study was carried out via a questionnaire survey of users of AR filters developed by brand-developed in social media, with its findings having both academic and practical implications for this field.


Paper Number 1394; Track General; Short Paper


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