The capacity to resist and recover from challenges and adversities (i.e., resilience capacity) is critical for a virtual team to survive. However, our knowledge of what influence the development of resilient virtual teams have yet to be fully developed. Drawing on the transactive memory system (TMS) theory, we propose that TMS will enhance a virtual team resilience capacity. Applying discontinuous growth modeling, results of an empirical study involving 1974 online medical teams from a popular online healthcare platform in China provide available evidence. We found inconsistent effects of the three dimensions of TMS on online medical team resilience capacity. Specifically, specialization shows no significant impact. Credibility can enhance online medical team resilience capacity for both process and outcome performance. For coordination, voice centralization positively affects online medical team resilience capacity for process performance. These findings advance virtual team resilience literature and inform practitioners about how to build resilient virtual teams.


Paper Number 1336; Track Healthcare; Short Paper



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