In recent years, rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have enabled transportation systems such as delivery drones to strive for ever-higher levels of autonomy and improve infrastructure in many industries. Consequently, the significance of interaction between autonomous systems and humans with little or no experience is steadily rising. While acceptance of delivery drones remains low among the general public, a solution for intuitive interaction with autonomous drones to retrieve packages is urgently needed so that non-experts can also benefit from the technology. We apply a design science research approach and develop a mobile application as a solution instantiation for both challenges. We conduct one expert and one non-expert design cycle to integrate necessary domain knowledge and ensure acceptance of the artifact by potential non-expert users. The results show that teaming of non-experts with complex autonomous systems requires rethinking common design requirements, such as ensuring transparency of AI-based decisions.


Paper Number 1289; Track HCI; Complete Paper



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