Not only in the mobility industry, innovative digital technologies are associated with opportunities but also pose risks in terms of cybersecurity. Consumers’ perception of a technology might thereby be impacted by their personal affinity to innovation and cybersecurity risk, affecting the attitude towards using. We developed an empirical model based on Davis’ Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to analyze this impact in an online survey (n= 260). While both innovation and cybersecurity have an effect on attitude towards using, consumers do not perceive a direct tension between the two. Our study does thereby make both theoretical and practical contributions. On the one hand, we propose an extended TAM model that can easily be applied to further industries and digital technologies. On the other, we derive recommendations for the mobility industry, e.g., how to ease negative effects of cybersecurity risk perception, and increase customers’ attitude toward using.


Paper Number 1281; Track Digital Innovation; Complete Paper



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