Mobile payment has evolved from a basic payment method into a community that provides a variety of value-added services. These services are meant to encourage continuous use by enhancing the value and experience of the fundamental payment services. This paper investigates the effects of gamification on the sustained usage of mobile payment. Using a sample of 323 Alipay Ant Forest users collected through online questionnaires, we find that gamification has a strong and direct impact on the continuous use of mobile payment. Interestingly, despite the fact that gamification also positively influences flow experience, flow experience derived from gamification has no significant impact on continuous use. Despite the fact that gamification provides an enjoyable and immersive experience and raises users' awareness of the mobile payment app, it appears that the key utilitarian value of the app is still a payment tool with a focus on its convenience, security and versatility.


Paper Number 1209; Track Mobile; Complete Paper



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