PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Academics and practitioners alike recognize employees as a major threat to organizational information security efforts. Since employees’ compliance with information security policies (ISP) are the key to strengthening information security, understanding compliance behavior is crucial for organizations that want to achieve information security success and mitigate the data breach risk. Drawing upon the attitude theory, this study develops a research model and proposes that commitments affect loafing behaviors and ISP compliance. Further, drawing upon the transfer theory, this study aims to adopt the concepts of loafing and commitment transfer in order to explore whether social loafing will enhance employees’ cyberloafing and whether organizational commitment can enhance ISP commitment, which in turn influences ISP compliance intention. We also propose that cyberloafing has a negative effect on ISP compliance intention through fatigue and moral disengagement moderates the relationship between social loafing and cyberloafing, and the relationship between cyberloafing and ISP compliance intention.


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