PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Privacy assurances (PA) describe organizational measures that provide users with assurances about privacy protection. They act as instruments to resolve the tension field between users and providers of digital services resulting from diverging interests regarding the collection and processing of data. Building on the agency theory, we propose a framework to illustrate the mechanisms of PA in the user-provider relationship, which is marked by asymmetric information. Although PA are thematized over a decade in Information Systems (IS) research, there is no consensus about their conceptualization. We intend to shed light on the academic discussion, aggregating the status quo of literature by conducting a systematic literature analysis. The results indicate that three overarching categories of PA have emerged in IS literature. We further discuss two significant areas of future research. The findings emphasize the relevance of PA as tool to align the conflicting interests of users and providers of digital services.


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