PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Education, retail, hospitality, arts and entertainment, and craftmanship are all examples of industries where personal services may be found. As of today, personal service firms lack the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively develop digital business ecosystems. This creates barriers for these kinds of businesses, leading them to struggle to meet the demands of today’s digital era. Based on the guidelines of Design Science Research, we address this gap by deriving a set of design principles, which offer specific and targeted indications on the different aspects that personal service firms need to focus on to leverage their businesses into a digital scale and thus, build a digital business ecosystem. Results depict 17 design principles showing that digital business ecosystems in personal services are built through the combination of trend technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital platforms) with good management practices (e.g. co-creation, customer-centeredness, adaptation, design thinking, SCRUM).


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