PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Information overload (IO) occurs with the explosive growth of data, leading to a decrease in humans' decision-making performance. The problem of IO might be aggravated under a multimedia environment, yet the integrative effects of multimedia remain unclear. This study attempts to understand the occurrence of IO on crowdfunding platforms with a multimedia view. Our results show both the volume and the diversity of information in text, picture, and video format have inverted-U relationships with fundraising outcomes. Based on dual-coding theory (DCT), we computed the extent of information overlap across three formats. We find an inverted-U relationship between verbal overlap and fundraising outcomes, while visual overlap only has a negative influence on fundraising outcomes. We further demonstrate the moderating effects of information overlap on the effects of lean media. This study is among the first to explore the integrative effects of multimedia by leveraging cognitive load theory and DCT.


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