PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Citizen science, a crowdsourcing approach for scientific inquiry, can lead to positive outcomes such as advancing science and educating the public. Extant literature primarily studied what motivates volunteers to contribute and learn, yet limited is known what factors influence a project’s scientific output. From the standpoint of value co-creation, scientific output is a value co-created by volunteers and scientists through their interactions in the encounter process. We propose a theoretical model to explain how volunteer-scientist’s information interaction (i.e., project feedback, interaction counts, and endorsement votes) affects publication contribution (i.e., number of classification and time to completion), and subsequently, scientific output (i.e., publication and citation). We collected 233 projects data from Zooniverse and searched for scientific output per citizen science project from nine academic databases. The findings will provide guidance for designing and managing citizen science projects and generate more profound implications for enhancing the scientific value of citizen science projects.


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