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Identities help individuals understand who they are and are a tool to project themselves before others in ways they desire. This is achieved through privacy, which provides control over information sharing. However, complexities arise with digitalization of information and creation of digital identities. Digital identities are highly malleable and entities (whether human/non-human) other than the data subject themselves can add, delete, and modify information about others leading to loss of privacy and increasing privacy concerns and identity threats. Identity threats are met with responses from individuals and can potentially impact society negatively. At the same time, there are legislative frameworks that aim to protect individuals’ privacy rights. While there is research linking identity and privacy, the role of privacy concerns in the formation of identity threats and impact of awareness of protective mechanisms has had little attention. This study addresses his gap by exploring the relationship between privacy concerns, information privacy awareness (of legislative frameworks) and identity threats in the context of digital identities.



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