PACIS 2021 Proceedings

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This research targeted cloud service providers (CSPs) and presented a depiction of their security awareness to mitigate a malicious insider threat. One of the biggest challenges for CSPs is to ensure the privacy of customers’ data. Cloud service customers (CSCs) place their data on Cloud, which relieves them from data security and management; however, they lose control over the data. A lot of organizations are concerned about the privacy of data on the cloud due to sophisticated threats such as malicious insider. Therefore, to reveal whether CSPs are better at protecting CSCs data, a survey was conducted in New Zealand and Australia to assess the data loss prevention from a malicious insider in the Cloud. An inductive quantitative approach was used to conduct this research using primary data. This research provides significant information about how malicious insider threat poses risks to CSCs’ data and how CSPs are mitigating those risks.



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