MWAIS 2024 Proceedings


Digital resources such as feature films, Netflix videos, podcasts, and YouTube videos are gaining popularity in business education. The demographic of higher education students consists of "digital native millennials" who possess a proclivity for multimodal sources of information, communication, and knowledge acquisition. These students' learning styles are influenced by their formative years and the recent pandemic has necessitated the adoption of educational technology at an elevated level. To address these evolving needs, educators have resorted to visual and multimedia sources to provide active learning opportunities that facilitate the understanding and interpretation of the world around us. Our research-in-progress endeavors to evaluate the efficacy of incorporating feature films as a teaching tool for IT security education. Our model considers the impact of films on students' self-perceived learning outcomes, as well as their cognitive and affective changes. The data is being collected from two mid-western universities in the United States. The findings of this research-in-progress are expected to have important implications for the teaching profession, researchers, and practitioners.