MIS Quarterly Executive


There is a new phenomena emerging that can provide significant value to businesses that seize the opportunity or threats for those caught unaware. Web aggregators are entities that collect information from a wide range of web sources, with or without prior arrangements, and add value by providing post-aggregation services. Aggregators have become easier to construct due to new technologies, so we predict they will soon emerge in industries where they do not currently exist ¨C and hundreds already do exist in areas such as financial services, retail, and telecommunications. Like it or not, aggregators will use your web-based information to create new in-formation collections that will affect your current business model, branding, and relationships. Aggregators will change the way your organization operates and the way global e-commerce develops. It is a wise organization that considers its e-strategy, prepares for aggregators, adds aggregation capabilities to its internal and external operations, and fully under-stands whether it should aggregate or be aggregated.