MIS Quarterly Executive


Iris Junglas, College of Charleston, United States
Motto: "MIS Quarterly Executive is where research shapes and is shaped by practice."

Managing Editor

Joaquin Rodriguez, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

Senior Editors

Roman Beck, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The changing nature of work due to blockchain with focus on governance and value creation in decentralized systems / institutional logics of organizations / organizational mindfulness, dynamic capabilities

Hind Benbya, Deakin Business School, Melbourne, Australia
Digital innovation / IT-enabled transformation and Artificial Intelligence, especially around human-robot interaction / implications of automation via algorithms and robotics on work and organizations

Jan vom Brocke, University of Münster, Germany & ERCIS - European Research Center for Information Systems
Business process management / process science / innovative solutions to real-world problems / societal contribution and impact

Erran Carmel, Kogod School of Business, American University, Washington D.C., United States
Digital transformation / the cybersecurity business / emerging technologies / the future of technology / globalization of technology / global sourcing

Yolande Chan, McGill University, Canada
Editorial focus limited to equity, diversity, and inclusion in organizations and the IT profession

Tom Davenport, Babson College, USA
AI, analytics, citizen development, data and technology leadership roles

Kristine Dery, Macquarie Business School, Sydney, Australia & MIT CISR, Boston, USA (affiliate)
Digital transformation with a particular focus on digital workplace / employee experience for digital work environments / digital talent and agile ways of working

Paul Di Gangi, University of Alabama Birmingham, United States
The intersection of digital networks and organizations including: the influence of social networks on information security practices, role of online communities in business, and user-driven innovation processes / crowdsourcing

Varun Grover, University of Arkansas, United States
Strategic impacts of digital technologies and digitalization on organizations including concepts of digital transformation and creation and appropriation of business value

Stefan Henningsson, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
IT in mergers, acquisitions and divestments / IT management in contexts of strategic relevance / IT in digital business / strategic transformation / IT platform modernization

Blake Ives, College of Charleston, United States
Digital transformation /information systems for customer service / virtual organizations / strategic information systems / low-code no-code programming / future of IT

Sirkka Jarvenpaa, University of Texas at Austin, United States
Managing innovation in a global company / open innovation / digital innovation / digital entrepreneurship / collaboration technologies / future of work / digital transformation / new organizational forms / organizational socialization / entertainment, sports and arts

William J. Kettinger, Clemson University, United States
Digital business strategy / IT ecosystems and platform-based business models / IT and the supply chain / senior executives' information use / informational leadership orientations

Hope Koch, Baylor University, United States
Digital transformation / data analytics / the internet of things / robotics / changing role of technology governance / management of remote hybrid workforces

Mary Lacity, University of Arkansas, United States
How technologies like blockchains, robotic process automation, cognitive automation, metaverse create value for enterprises, customers, employees, and citizens

Martin Mocker, ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Germany & MIT Sloan CISR, United States
Digital transformation and enterprise architecture / impact of digital technologies on products & services and business models and the implications for traditional companies' business and technology architectures

Fred Niederman, St. Louis University, United States
AI and ethics / project management / IS personnel and future of work / process and prescriptive research

Ilan Oshri, University of Aukland, New Zealand
Global sourcing / emerging technologies / sustainability and tech (green IT/IS) / digital transformation / sports and tech

Gabriele Piccoli, Louisiana State University, United States & University of Pavia, Italy
Strategic information systems / customer service systems

Federico Pigni, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Strategic application of information systems in interorganizational context / innovative digital technologies for delivering customer service

Rick Watson, University of Georgia, United States
Editorial focus limited to ecological sustainability through energy efficiency and capital productivity

Editorial Board Members

Chon Abraham, College of William & Mary, United States
Managing and valuing cyber security and risk / cyber threat intelligence sharing and governance / health information technology use and cyber implications / process mining in cyber security

Steven Alter, University of San Francisco, United States
Developing the work system perspective (work system method, work system theory, and extensions) / fostering better understanding of systems in organizations / improving collaboration between business and IT professionals

Alexander Benlian, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Digital transformation and IT entrepreneurship (digital business models and ventures / digital innovation / agile software development / Bi-modal IT) / algorithmic management (algorithmic decision-making / coordination & control / human-AI Collaboration) / future of work / human-computer interaction (AI-based information systems / digital nudging / usable privacy & security)

Walter Brenner, Institute of Information Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Management of AI / future of the CIO / future IT operating models for the banking and Insurance Industry / innovation management / design thinking

Kathryn Brohman, Queen’s University, Canada
Digital innovation / digital value / product/project management / agile / systems thinking

Wendy Currie, Audencia Nantes, France
Crypto-asset regulation / digital transformation in financial markets / institutional theory

Janis Gogan, Bentley University, United States
Health IT (blockchain, machine learning, generative learning, telemedicine home monitoring) / responsible machine learning / ethics and IT / case studies

Thomas Hess, University of Munich, Germany
Digital transformation / ICT and media industries / data economy

Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown, Syracuse University, United States
Enterprise risk management / IT governance / strategic management of IT / championship behavior / competitive advantage / social implications (cultural, gender, and generational)

Gerald Kane, University of Georgia, United States
Social and ethical implications of AI&ML / digital-driven innovation / digital transformation of legacy companies / social media to manage knowledge / intersection of information systems and social networks / healthcare

Rajiv Kohli, College of William & Mary, United States
Business value of IS / healthcare informatics / digital innovation

Claudia Loebbecke, University of Cologne, Germany
Business models / management and regulation aspects of digital and creative goods / new media / I&TC tech / AI in digital transformation / knowledge management / organizational forms

Munir Mandviwalla, Temple University
Design thinking / digital innovation / co-innovation / digital transformation / broadband / IT workforce / engagement

John Mooney, Pepperdine University, United States
Management of digital innovation / responsible applications of AI / leader responsibilities for managing data and digital platforms

Ryan Nelson, University of Virginia, United States
Project management / product management / IT adoption / digital innovation

Joe Peppard, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin, Ireland
IT leadership / digital strategy and innovation / digital transformation programs / creating value from IT investments / the role, structure and capabilities of the IT unit

Jeff Proudfoot, Bentley University, United States
Cybersecurity: development, operationalization and impact of cybersecurity regulations / the management of organizational security policies and compliance / mitigation of organizational insider threats

Michael Rosemann, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Business process management / managing innovation / trust in data or tech-intensive environments

Joe Rottman, University of Missouri, St. Louis, United States
Sourcing / design methodologies / strategic alignment / strategies of IS

Maung Sein, Kristiania University College, Norway & University of Southeastern Norway
Collaborating and working with practice / design science research / ADR / AR / ICTs for development of societies that are resource constrained / innovative systems development

Donna Stoddard, Babson College, United States
Applied research re: impact of new technologies on the people and strategy of organizations

Thompson Teo, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Strategic use of IT / innovation / sustainability and artificial intelligence / impact of technological innovation on work and organizations

Alan Thorogood, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
Ecosystems, artificial intelligence, capability building, innovation

Nils Urbach, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Strategic information management / blockchain technologies / digital innovation and transformation / future IT workplace / blockchain

Christian Wagner, City University of Hong Kong, China
Knowledge management in organizations, performance monitoring and management systems, disruptive innovation, and IT management in Greater China

Robert Winter, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Design science research methodology / enterprise-level IS research / enterprise architecture management / design and governance of digital platforms / corporate data management, and design and governance of enterprise transformation

Barbara Wixom, MIT Sloan Center for Information Management, United States
Data warehousing / business intelligence / analytics / big data

Past Editors-in-Chief

Jack Rockart, MIT Sloan School of Management

Jeanne Ross, MIT Sloan School of Management

Carol V. Brown, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dorothy E Leidner, University of Virginia

Gabriele Piccoli, Louisiana State University & University of Pavia

Advisory Board

Lynda Applegate, Harvard University

Andrew Burton-Jones, University of Queensland, Australia

Wei (Wayne) Huang, Business School of South Univ. of Science & Tech (SUSTech), Shenzhen, China

V. Sambamurthy, University of Wisconsin