The Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems


The Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems (JSAIS) is a peer-reviewed, journal that publishes scholarly articles on all aspects of information systems and is the official publication of the Southern Association for Information Systems.

JSAIS emphasizes originality, importance, and cogency of ideas, with a broad focus emphasizing various research methodologies and inclusive of interdisciplinary investigations. JSAIS welcomes new ideas and ideas out of the mainstream. This journal accommodates minority viewpoints and aims to give a voice to emerging topics and trends.

A hallmark of JSAIS is the developmental approach to reviewing; the editorial team works closely with authors to help them develop their works. The goal is to bring good ideas to light, rather than to put up road blocks.

Recent Content



Establishing a Data Science for Good Ecosystem: The Case of ATLytiCS
Thema Monroe-White, Beverly Wright, William Hulsey, Eric Kushins, and Amy Hord


An Exploration of Wikipedia Contributions in the Era of COVID-19
Michael Holt, Timothy Kreider, Scott Kreider, Joel Kreider, and Christopher Kreider


Generation Z, Learning Preferences, and Technology: An Academic Technology Framework Based on Enterprise Architecture
Curtis C. Cain, Allison Morgan Bryant, Carlos D. Buskey, and Yuvay Meyers Ferguson


A LinkedIn Analysis of Career Paths of Information Systems Alumni
Thomas Louis Case, Adrian Gardiner, Paige Rutner, and John N. Dyer