The Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems

Publication Ethics Statement

V1.0 7/4/2021

This document was developed by referencing the Wiley and Elsevier best practice guidelines as well as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) standards and the AIS Research Conduct Standards.

For the Editors

Peer Review

  • Peer review will be conducted in fair, timely and unbiased manner.
  • All papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers.
  • All reviewers will have some expertise in the Information Systems field

Fair play

  • In the process of editing and reviewing submissions to this journal, no criteria beyond that of generally accepted field standards for research will be used.
  • No paper will be privileged based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identification or any other non-scientific criteria.
  • All editorial and reviewing processes will be host and as transparent as possible within the bounds of confidentiality.
  • An electronic journal system will be used for submission and tracking of all submissions and for all journal communications


  • Editors will not allow journal metrics to influence publication decisions.
  • Editors will not require that authors cite publications in the JSAIS or by editors or reviewers that are not pertinent to their study in order to be published in JSAIS.


  • Material submitted will be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed or needed to research suspected research misconduct.
  • We operate on a double-blind reviewing system. Authors and reviewers are not known to each other.
  • Editors and reviewers will not use material, concepts, ideas, or intellectual capital from a submitted paper without the authors’ consent

Conflicts of Interest

  • Editors and reviewers will not be involved in decisions about their own or their co-authors or university colleagues research

For Reviewers

Golden Rule

  • Reviewers should review assigned papers as they wish their paper to be reviewed
  • Critique should be constructive and not pejorative


  • Material submitted will be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed or needed to research suspected research misconduct
  • Reviewers should not contact authors without permission from the editors
  • Materials submitted should not be used in the reviewer’s research without express permission from the author.

Ethical Issues

  • Reviewers are role prescribed to bring to the editors’ attention ethical issues associated with a paper such as plagiarism, multiple submission or other research misconduct. They are expected to report research misconduct to the editors.

Conflict of Interest

  • Where a reviewer notes personal bias or other conflict of interest in their being a reviewer with an assigned paper, they should bring this to the editors’ attention.
  • Reviewer’s will not suggest citation of their own work or papers in the JSAIS unless it advances the quality of the paper under review.

For Authors

Research Conduct Standards

Originality and Acknowledgement of Sources

  • Authors should appropriately acknowledge and cite all ideas and work not their own.
  • Permission for use in the paper of all ideas, images, tables, etc should be obtained as necessary.
  • Plagiarism including self-plagiarism and text recycling is unacceptable.

Repetitive Publication

  • Authors should not submit the same paper or substantially the same paper to different journals. Such papers submitted to SJAIS will be rejected or removed from publication.
  • The use of the same dataset for multiple papers should be noted when submitted and should have different research questions, objectives, and topics from the original use of the dataset.


  • Authorship should be limited to those who contributed the conception of the work, design of the work, acquisition of the data, participation in the analysis/interpretation of the data, drafting to critical revision of the paper, and/or had final approval of the paper to be submitted.
  • Authors should decide the order of authorship prior to submission of the paper.
  • Authors take collective responsibility for their work.
  • Authors should acknowledge all contributions including their own in the acknowledgement section of the paper.