Information systems development (ISD) modifies, expands and creates new socio-technical information systems composed of processes, people and technologies. ISD is much more than software development, including activities such as analysis, design, development, implementation (adoption) and evaluation of information systems. Managing IS development includes managing strategy, demand, innovation, projects, software, and security, as well as customers, finance, change, and so on. The “Managing IS Development” track will present and discuss research proposals and share practical experiences about solutions to the increasing systemic socio-economic, political and environmental problems related to the management of IS development. We invite submissions from researchers and practitioners in all topics related to the Managing IS Development area that may contribute to solve these problems in a long term, and expect a dynamic sharing and discussion of ideas and experiences about innovative practices, methods, and technologies.

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A Manifest-Based Framework for Organizing the Management of Personal Data at the Edge of the Network

Riad Ladjel
Nicolas Anciaux, Inria & University of Versailles
Philippe Pucheral, University of Versailles & Inria
Guillaume Scerri

AHP based Optimal Reasoning of Non-functional Requirements in the i∗ Goal Model

Sreenithya Sumesh
Aneesh Krishna, Curtin University of Technology
Chitra M. Subramanian

Business Sentiment Analysis. Concept and Method for Perceived Anticipated Effort Identification

Nina Rizun
Aleksandra Revina

Cloud Computing Adoption in Organizations: A Literature Review and a Unifying Model

Isaac Ogunlolu
Dorina Rajanen, University of Oulu

Digital Innovation and Transformation: a Quasi-Systematic Literature Review

Sílvia Bogéa Gomes
Miguel Mira da Silva
Flávia Maria Santoro

Game O'Clock: A Gamification Solution to Improve Time Reporting

Rita Marques, IST/INOV, Avenida Rovisco Pais 1, 1049 Lisboa, Portugal
Miguel Mira da Silva
Daniel Gonçalves, INESC-ID/IST

Knowledge Guided Integration of Structured and Unstructured Data in Health Decision Process

Marouane Radaoui
Sana Ben Abdallah Ben Lamine
Hajer Baazaoui Zghal
Chirine Ghedira Guegan
Nadia Kabachi

Marrying Big Data with Smart Data in Sensor Stream Processing

Paula-Georgiana Zalhan
Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi, Babes-Bolyai” University
Robert Andrei Buchmann, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

On the Effect of Digitalization of Products and Services on Enterprise Architectures

Kurt Sandkuhl, University of Rostock
Matthias Wißotzki
Rainer Schmidt, Munich University of Applied Sciences
Alfred Zimmermann

Open Source Software Information Triangulation: A Design Science Study

Fons Wijnhoven
Friso Kluitenberg
Maya Daneva

Perceived Impacts of Using the Scaled Agile Framework for Large-Scale Agile Software Development

Tomas Gustavsson, Updated - AIS
L Bergkvist, Karlstad University

Semantic-Based Collaborative Decisional System Integrating Fuzzy Reasoning in an IoT Context

Ghada Besbes
Hajer Baazaoui Zghal
Yann Pollet

The Fish Tank Model for Mobile Game Publishing Business Performance Evaluation

Yanhui Su
Per Backlund, University of Skovde
Henrik Engstrom
Mattias Strand

The Role of Qualitative Data in the Management of Enterprises

Cezary Stepniak