Track Chairs
Roman Rietsche, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland,
Thiemo Wambsganss, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland,
Wendy Günther, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands,

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Friday, June 14th

AI-Assisted Learning Feedback: Should Gen-AI Feedback Be Restricted to Improve Learning Success? A Pilot Study in a SQL Lecture

Julian Sengewald, Technische Universität Dortmund
Mathis Wilz, Technische Universität Dortmund
Richard Lackes, Technische Universität Dortmund

AI-Enabled Self-Regulated Learning: A Multi-Layer Taxonomy Development

Timo Grueneke, FIM Research Center
Tobias Guggenberger, University of Bayreuth
Sofie Hofmeister, University of Bayreuth
Jens-Christian Stoetzer, University of Bayreuth

Balancing Bytes with Brains: Exploring the Role of Learners' Control in Personalized Learning Tasks

Eva Ritz, Institute of Information Management

Breaking Barriers: A Multi-Method Approach to Improve Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy in German Schools

Laura Hein, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Lorena Göritz, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Katharina-Maria Illgen, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Jan Heinrich Beinke, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Kim Jana Müller, Osnabrück University
Oliver Thomas, Osnabrück University

Deriving Learner-Centric Platform Features Through Customer Review Mining

Timo Grueneke, FIM Research Center

Does Content Matter? — an Empirical Investigation of ChatGPT-4's Ability to Score Essay Tasks in Exams

Philipp Hartmann, University of Göttingen
Sanoa-Amina Bialas, University of Göttingen
Sebastian Hobert, TH Lübeck
Matthias Schumann, University of Göttingen

Fostering GenAI Literacy in Higher Education for Future Workplace Preparedness: A Mixed-Methods Study

Carolin Fleischmann, Rosenheim Technical University
Minna K. Logemann, City University of New York
Jeanette Heidewald, Indiana University
Peter Cardon, University of Southern California
Jolanta Aritz, University of Southern California
Stephanie Swartz, Mainz University of Applied Sciences

How to Get the Ball Rolling: The Influence of Self-Leadership on Students' Intention to Use an Integrated Self-Leadership Behaviour Change Support System

Christian Vay, University of Augsburg

Indigenizing Curriculum Through Technology: A Socio-Technical Perspective

Ree Jordan, University of Queensland
Micheal Axelsen, University of Queensland
Sabine Matook, University of Queensland
Mark Bremhorst, University of Queensland
Andrew Burton-Jones, University of Queensland
Victor Callan, University of Queensland
Louise Crowe, University of Queensland
Stan Karanasios, University of Queensland
Aliisa Mylonas, University of Queensland
Richard O'Quinn, University of Queensland
Ashil Ranpara, University of Queensland

Man and Machine: AR-Based Vocational Training for Tacit Knowledge Tasks

Alexander Pfaff, Ludwig Maximilian University
Martin Spann, Ludwig Maximilian University

Navigating the Writing Mind: Intelligent Feedback to Supporting Students' Cognitive Writing Process

Florian Weber, University of Kassel

Security Education Training and Awareness (SETA) at the Edge of the Metaverse

Mostafa Sadeghi, Aalto University
Hadi Ghanbari, Aalto University
Matti Rossi, Aalto University

Student Perspectives on Generative Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Pre-Framing and Risks in Higher Education

Jennifer Preiß, University of Hamburg
Constantin von Brackel-Schmidt, University of Hamburg
Stephan Leible, University of Hamburg

When Generative AI Meets Workplace Learning — Creating a Realistic & Motivating Learning Experience with a Generative PCA

Andreas Bucher, University of Zurich
Birgit Schenk, University of Applied Sciences - Public Administration and Finance Ludwigsburg
Mateusz Dolata, University of Zurich
Gerhard Schwabe, University of Zurich

Worked Examples to Facilitate the Development of Prompt Engineering Skills

Antonia Tolzin, University of Kassel
Nils Knoth, University of Kassel
Andreas Janson, University of St. Gallen