Track Chairs
Oliver Krancher, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark,
Ilan Oshri, University of Auckland, New Zealand,
Thomas Huber, ESSEC Business School, France,

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Friday, June 14th

Algorithmic Control Configurations: A Comparative Study of Platform and Non-Platform Workers' Legitimacy Judgments

Felix Hirsch, TUD Dresden University of Technology
Dix Maik Gräubig, TUD Dresden University of Technology
Martin Wiener, TUD Dresden University of Technology
Alexander Benlian, Technical University of Darmstadt

And Here, All Threads Run Together: Understanding the Strategic Functions of Intermediaries in Digital Business Ecosystems

Sophie Heim, Technical University of Munich
Rebekka Schindler, Technical University of Munich
Tianyu Ge, Technical University of Munich
Holger Wittges, Technical University of Munich

Balancing Risks and Opportunities in the Governance of Low Code Development Platforms

Luca Stegmann, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Rebecca Berendorf, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Sina Kristin Zimmermann, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Andy Weeger, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Developing an Integrated Superapp: A Case Study of Vietnam's Momopay

Andrew Fang, The University of Sydney
Evelyn Ng, The University of Sydney
Barney Tan, University of New South Wales
Carmen Leong, University of New South Wales

Deviating from the Intended IS Integration Strategy in M&A: Factors and Impact

Eric Onderdelinden, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Bart van den Hooff, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Mario van Vliet, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Digital Symbiosis: A New Perspective on Digital Ecosystems for Understanding Their Influence

Hani Safadi, University of Georgia
Richard T. Watson, Digital Frontier Partners

Don't Fly Too Close to the Sun: Investigating Killer Acquisitions and Kill Zones in Multi-Sided Platform Markets

Maximilian Charlet, University of Münster

Evolving Responsibilities and Competencies of the Cio Role: A Comprehensive Delphi Study on Strategic IS Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Era

Christine Van Toorn, University of New South Wales
Michael Cahalane, University of New South Wales

Externalizing Digital Options Thinking: How Corporate Venture Builders Generate Opportunities to Invest in Digital Innovation

Ferdinand Mittermeier, University of Bamberg
Axel Hund, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg
Julian Frey, University of Bamberg
Yannick Hildebrandt, University of Bamberg

How Are Mittelstand Enterprises Navigating the Digital Transformation Process? An Exploratory Study in Germany

Tim Kraft, Ludwig Maximilian University
Linus Lischke, Ludwig Maximilian University
Johann Kranz, Ludwig Maximilian University

Measuring the Organizational Agility Level of IT Organizations — A Scale Development

Oliver Hohenreuther, University of Bamberg
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg

Stimulating Innovation on Digital Platforms — A Review of Platform Owner Signals

Tim Körppen, Technical University of Munich
Benedict Bender, University of Potsdam

Systematizing Data Sharing Practices: A Taxonomy

Marcel Fassnacht, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Carina Benz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Jan Bode, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Daniel Heinz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Gerhard Satzger, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Will the Ransom Be Paid? — Examining Influencing Factors of the Ransomware-Payment Decision

Gilbert Georg Hoevel, Paderborn University
Anton Veynshter, Paderborn University
Florian Schütz, University of Göttingen
Simon Trang, Paderborn University