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Due to the pandemic, institutions of the health sector, especially public health departments, are facing major challenges in managing their processes. In a constantly changing environment, new and existing processes have to be adopted or implemented in the shortest possible time, while the process volumes to be managed are constantly increasing. In our article, we use a case study to show how the concept of “flexibility by design” can be influenced by RPA in the sensitive environment of healthcare and how exactly flexibility in process execution can be achieved with it. As a result, we show that RPA can positively implement or enable three of the six realization options from the concept. In addition, the concept was supplemented by two aggregated theoretical dimensions, namely “Response” and “Range,” which summarize the supporting conditions for a process flexibilization with RPA. In the article, we thereby show how exactly RPA can complement existing processes in a healthcare environment and thus, serve to subsequently make rigid process models more flexible.



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