ECIS 2020 Research Papers


For a long time, research into the exploitation of the innovation potential of ordinary employees has focused on concepts such as intrapreneurship, internal corporate venturing or corporate entrepreneurship. Recently, a new concept that embraces the same principles has emerged: employee-driven innovation. As a result of the digital shift in society affecting both private and public companies, digital innovation has attracted increased attention, as another concept under the innovation umbrella. Researchers are trying to establish models that can explain how digital innovation affects organisations and societies, both in terms of processes and outcomes. In this paper we perform a systematic literature review with the aim of establishing the state-of-the-art link between employee-driven innovation and digital innovation as a coalescent approach to innovation. Through a review of contributions from the period 2015-2019, we have identified 13 primary studies that have been included in our research. Based on these primary studies, we elaborate existing research streams, identify knowledge gaps, and pose new research questions that could lead to further research related to the concept of employee-driven digital innovation.



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