ECIS 2020 Research Papers


As the importance of services continues to increase, so does the demand for appropriate information technology to support the integration of resources in value co-creation processes for services. Digital platforms were found to be a suitable solution for this challenge as they bring together heterogeneous actors, to promote value co-creation in service ecosystems. In addition, successful digital service platforms (DSPs) improve the service experience of actors and foster collaborative service innovation, as successful organizations, such as Amazon and Google, demonstrate. So far, despite the importance, few research papers addressed the topic on how to design a DSP and enhance its underlying requirements. This research aims to address this gap by conducting a systematic literature analysis in which 1,169 sources were reviewed and examined to provide service logic and Information Systems scholars with an exploratory overview of design factors to develop and research DSPs. In this paper, 20 design requirements and 7 design principles found in the literature are narratively presented and categorized into four essential design categories addressing service innovation, co-creation, mutual problem formulation and easing the entry for actors. In the conclusion, this paper provides an outlook for future research in this novel scholarly stream.



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