ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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Digital transformation has become a global priority on leadership agendas. Leaders have growing expectations from the promise of digital transformations to make a strategic contribution to their business survival and success. Yet, compared to insights on digital technologies, the extant literature provides sparse coverage on theories to examine or explain the process of digital transformations, for example how they become implemented, embedded, integrated, and evaluated in practice. The objective of this article is to explore and summarize the literature on key challenges associated with digital transformation. To advance our understanding of digital transformations, Normalization Process Theory (NPT) is presented as a way to theorize about the normalization of digital transformations. From a research and practice perspective, NPT can be adopted to focus on the processes which create value and sustain change for those undergoing digital transformations – activities which are very often ignored, yet central to the success or failure of a transformation process. A summary of a research agenda is also provided on the normalization of digital transformations.



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