ECIS 2020 Research Papers


Organizational transformation is a topic of increased interest for academics and practitioners alike, especially in light of the various socio-technical developments associated with digitalization. Largescale transformation initiatives often do not lead to the desired outcomes and fall short of their full potential primarily due to their inherent complexity. Intending to provide guidance for transformation projects, we set out to extend the work system theory – an established theory for representing and analyzing the design and evolution of organizational systems. In the framework of elaborated action design research, we performed a literature search before leveraging an extensive project database and conducting a series of interviews to develop and iteratively improve the research artifact. The resulting work system transformation method builds on the work system theory as well as the work system method and provides guidance in structuring and conducting work system transformation initiatives. Our results include a set of work system transformation principles backed by exemplary good practices and tools. Our work extends the existing literature on work systems and provides a holistic method to structure and perform large-scale transformation initiatives



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