ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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In recent years, process mining has emerged as the leading Big Data technology for business process analysis. By extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in information systems, process mining provides new ways to discover, monitor, and improve processes while being agnostic to the source system. Despite its undisputed practical relevance, we have a limited understanding of how organizations realize value potentials from applying process mining in different organizational contexts. Addressing this gap, we conduct an assessing literature review by analyzing 58 papers from the literature on process mining to synthesize the existing knowledge on business value realization from process mining. Our analysis is guided by adopting the perspective of process mining embedded within its organizational context. By analyzing the dimensions of the nomological net around process mining, we contribute to the broader research field of Big Data value realization twofold. First, we uncover which benefits organizations gain by applying process mining. Second, we analyze the organizational capabilities and practices that influence how organizations use and implement process mining. In addition, we reveal how process mining leads to business value realization. Based on these results, we suggest directions for future research on process mining in the organizational context.



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