ECIS 2020 Research Papers


The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing (S-D logic) provides a theoretical lens that enables service scholars to understand emerging phenomena related to servitization. The current service literature lacks contributions that holistically capture and explain technology-pervaded value co-creation processes. While studies in Information Systems research often focus on peculiarities of digital technology, the Service Marketing literature concentrates on the value co-creation process. Service researchers, however, call for integrative contributions that illuminate both technology and co-creation processes to enhance our understanding of technology-pervaded value co-creation. In response to this call, we conceptualize the Task-Technology Fit model according to the notion of S-D logic. Our conceptual model allows to integrate both digital technology’s specific characteristics and depicts their impact on cocreation performance and the perceived value-in-use. According to our model, resource integration involves conducting individual tasks that result in a task-technology fit, which in turn impacts co-creation performance and individual performances. All subsequent performances either co-create or codestruct the perceived value-in-use. We contribute to service research by deconstructing the relationship between pervasive digital technology and value co-creation processes. The proposed conceptual model provides a first step towards closing the gap between the siloed research streams in the IS and Service Marketing literature.



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