ECIS 2020 Research Papers


The double burden of age and unemployment suggests that older unemployed individuals are particularly affected by digital divide. To investigate the characteristics and user types of older unemployed individuals with respect to digital media, we conduct a survey on this target group in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency. We apply cluster analysis to give more nuanced insights into people’s usage of digital media services for job search, their attitude with respect to those services, currently perceived barriers and product preferences. Results suggest that older unemployed individuals are a nuanced group with a great range of different usage behaviours and attitudes towards digital media. Specifically, we identify the user types Digital Sceptics, Digital Classics, Digital Interactives and Digital Contributors. We show that a large group of older unemployed individuals is accessible for digital media in the context of job search and identify pathways of how our findings can be used to leverage digital media use for job search in this target group. Our study contributes to literature on digital media user typologies and has important policy implications for addressing the digital divide.



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