ECIS 2020 Research Papers


Complementary products and services of third-party complementors have become one of the corner-stones for the success and sustainability of digital platforms. Information Systems (IS) research has paid considerable attention to the effects of control modes on shaping platform governance and thus regu-lating complementors and their complements. However, there is still a lack of comprehension of the effects of a widely applied, yet underexamined control mode, namely input control (i.e., the set of mech-anisms that screen and sort out complementors and their complements before entering the digital plat-form’s ecosystem). We tested our hypotheses using an integrated research approach that includes quan-titative data from a survey with 114 web browser extension developers and qualitative data based on semistructured interviews with 8 developers. The results demonstrate convergent findings in support of the assertion that both complementor- and complement-related perceived input control negatively im-pact complementors’ perceived usefulness, satisfaction and continuance intentions. As such, our paper contributes to IS governance research primarily by conceptually distinguishing between complementor-related and complement-related input control and by uncovering their distinct effects on critical com-plementor attitudes and behavioral intentions. Moreover, our study offers insights that can help platform providers to effectively manage their gatekeeping and screening processes.



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