ECIS 2020 Research Papers


Driven by the ever-faster emergence and adoption of digital technologies, digitalization affects almost every organization. Especially for organizations in the manufacturing industry, the development from traditional manufacturers of physical products to providers of individual digital service solutions entails massive changes on all organizational levels, e.g., infrastructure and business model. Despite growing awareness about the importance of digital transformation, scientific and professional literature mostly focuses on select aspects. Yet, an approach for structuring DT in the manufacturing industry that provides an integrated view on various organizational levels is missing. Hence, managers still struggle to transform their organizations in a structured way. Against this backdrop, we develop a maturity model to support organizational stakeholders in addressing digital transformation along various organizational levels. Based on design science research principles, we deductively and inductively derive six focus areas, 26 dimensions, and associated capabilities. To revise and evaluate our model, we conduct evaluation rounds with researchers and industry experts. Our contribution is twofold: From an academic perspective, we add to the descriptive knowledge of digital transformation. For practitioners, we provide a profound basis for the development of a digital transformation strategy by enabling the determination of an organization’s current situation and desired target state.



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