ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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Agile software development frameworks are rapidly growing in popularity across the world and have transcended into areas outside of Information Systems. They have proven to be a success factor, a reason why many organisations are adopting agile frameworks and accelerating the transition to agility. Scholars and practitioners alike have uncovered that a crucial factor of agility is an Agile Mindset. Despite its significance, there is no common definition of Agile Mindset to date. It is an ambiguous term with a lack of clarity that makes it susceptible to misinterpretation and misuse. Hence, the research goal of this paper is to create a definition of Agile Mindset and thereby provide an understanding of the concept. The Methodology followed a two-step approach. In the first step a review of scientific and practitioner literature was conducted. In the second step the literature was complemented by primary data acquired through interviews with agile practitioners. The result of this research study is a first comprehensive definition of Agile Mindset, which can serve as guideline for scholars, practitioners and the general agile community.



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