ECIS 2020 Research Papers


During the last decades, wearable computers emerged as an innovative and promising technology. Though most of the representatives have not yet reached market maturity, smartwatches hit the consumer market due to the accessibility of affordable devices and predominant acceptance caused by the large similarity to common wrist-watches. Besides, recent research studies showed that smartwatches can support mobile employees in collaborative business-related scenarios through permanent availability, unobtrusiveness and hands-free operation. In this paper, we focus on support employees and analyze three representative scenarios with practical relevance. These are composed of immediate support and routine maintenance processes. During a software development process, we design and implement a smartwatch-based software artifact to address the scenario inherent problems and a broad range of support use cases. It is then used as a foundation for a mixed-methods field study in which we focus on the adoption of smartwatches. We first evaluate the software artifact within the scenarios. Second, we elaborate on enabling and inhibiting factors for the adoption of smartwatch-based information systems to support employees based on the TOEI framework. And finally, we derive the Smartwatch Applicability Framework intended for companies to check their scenarios for the applicability of smartwatches.



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