ECIS 2020 Research Papers


More and more companies are appointing Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) to assume responsibility for digital innovation in and digital transformation of their business activities. However, as this role is relatively new, understanding their precise role and responsibilities varies widely and the assessment of their performance does not follow any standards yet. This study aims to identify which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are relevant for measuring the performance of CDOs and how these KPIs differ for different types of CDOs, which we derived from the literature. To identify the KPIs and their relevance, we performed a Delphi study with a panel consisting of 38 experts. As a result, different sets of KPIs were developed for each CDO type. Whereas the KPIs for the ‘Evangelist’ emphasize attention to internal aspects, the ‘Marketer’s’ KPIs have a clear customer focus. For the ‘Innovator’, KPIs regarding new digital ideas and developments are most relevant while the ‘Orchestrator’s’ KPIs reflect overarching digital responsibility. As a conclusion, the identification of these KPI sets might be of great interest to CDOs and their superiors, as an inspiration on how to guide and govern their work, prove their performance, and justify their often scrutinised position.



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