ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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E-commerce organizational transformations, owing to their cross-functional and inter-organizational nature, often lead to the confrontation of diverging objectives and visions. Although research has long highlighted the role of IT governance in the success of IS-enabled organizational transformations,attention to how governance can drift and fail to overcome organizational inertia remains scarce. Yet,this organizational inertia lies at the core of transformational difficulties. Through a multiple case studyof IT governance drifts in e-commerce transformations, we extend Weill & Ross’ (2004) politicalmetaphor to identify absolute business monarchies, feudal business revolts and bicephalous monarchiesas three IT governance drift patterns and analyze resulting political and socio-cognitive inertia. Wethen discuss our findings and the need to account for informal governance, politics and socio-cognitive frames to analyze IT governance. In the face of the complex and multiple central – local and business -IT alignment processes which make IT governance in e-commerce transformations prone to drifting, we advocate for a continuous tinkering approach to governance.



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