ECIS 2020 Research Papers


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This prescriptive study provides a framework for ex ante artefact evaluation for socially responsible design science research. When social responsibility defines the ethical approach to design science, it implies an adoption of a critical interpretive epistemology to the design and evaluation of artefacts. Design Science Research DSR) is an increasingly utilized paradigm in Information Systems that may be applied to address many of the issues arising from the quest for sustainable development. In order to do so, DSR needs to be applied in a fashion that is compliant with critical research theory. This paper contextualises critical evaluation as evaluation that adopts a specific value position as an overarching influence on evaluation processes. The methodology therefore guides the undertaking of artefact evaluations in the critical evaluation context. Illustrative examples provide clarity to a framework that extends the capacity for researchers to undertake projects that are underpinned by the socially transformational objectives implicit in critical research theory.



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