ECIS 2020 Research Papers


Data analytics has become an important part of companies in industry, leading to an increase in the demand for analytics experts. Data analytics is also a central aspect of trends such as “Big Data”, “Data Science”, “Artificial Intelligence”. As such, for potential analytics professionals to have relevant job skills, educational institutions need to have an up-to-date picture of the demanded job skills. We studied the recent past to better anticipate future developments of analytics job skills through a study based on text mining using job advertisements from 2014 and 2019 summing up to a total of 17,282 advertisements. We investigated how these trends evolved by looking at meaning of words using associated words as well as topics obtained from topic modeling. Our longitudinal study reveals a shift in prevalence and meaning of analytics trends in the industry. It shows a small shift from business oriented job skills towards analytical and technical ones. This finding is accompanied by increasing popularity of “Big Data”, in contrast with the reduced popularity of “Business Intelligence”. Additionally, we observed how “Machine Learning” is becoming more strongly associated with the field of data science itself.



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