Tool support for design science research (DSR) is increasingly recognized by the DSR community as an important but neglected area of research. Extrapolating from the achievements of tool support for more established research approaches, tool support for DSR promises to lower the barriers for the delivery of more rigorous, comparable, and, thus, relevant DSR. However, to this date, little research has looked at the challenge of providing tool support for DSR systematically. As a first step to close this gap, prior research in the form of a workshop by the DESRIST community focused on identifying an initial understanding as well as set of requirements for tool support in DSR. This paper extends and complements this prior research with a qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews (n=12) about the topic of tool support in DSR with a broad variety of design science researchers. The major contribu- tion of this work is that it goes beyond the mere collection of requirements and uses qualitative data analysis to dive deeper into the understanding of tool support in DSR as well as associated opportuni- ties and challenges. Based on this analysis, we developed a multi-perspective framework for the inves- tigation of tool support for DSR, which we position as a promising foundation for future research on the emerging topic of tool support for DSR.