Supply chain management is an area which gains much attention both from scholars and practitioners when considering the relationship between economic and ecologic issues and goals. Initiatives from Green IT and Green IS are widely discussed and broad supply chain management concepts like Green SCM, which extends the concept of global supply chain management with ecological aspects like resource optimization and recycling. Current research shows, that concepts like Green SCM might be a first step towards an ecologic more responsible supply chain. The current scientific discussion only covers parts of the supply chain like transport management or sourcing strategies. But the question for a holistic concept for sustainable economic supply chain remains still open. To address this issue, this paper proposes the integration of the industry standard Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR) with Green IS to establish a sustainable supply chain management model Green SCOR beyond Green SCM. By applying Green SCOR to a selected Green SCM concept, we show the comprehensive approach in contrast to existing isolated concepts. Green SCOR may be used to analyze existing supply chains on their long-term sustainability and as a blueprint for the development of sustainable, supply chain management systems.