Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Information systems analysis and design (ISAD) ensures the design of information systems (IS) in line with the requirements of a business environment. Since ISAD approaches follow the currently dominant logic of busi- ness, the rise of a new and thriving business logic may require revisiting and advancing extant ISAD approaches and techniques. One of the prevailing debates in marketing research is the paradigmatic shift from a goods-dominant (G-D) to a service-dominant (S-D) logic of business. The cornerstone of this reorientation is the concept of value co- creation emphasizing joint value creation among a variety of actors within a business network. With the aim of introducing value co-creation as a new discourse to ISAD research, this research note argues that (1) the lens of S-D logic with its core concept of value co-creation provides a novel perspective to ISAD. The authors also assert that (2) value co-creation-informed IS design realizes the paradig- matic shift from G-D to S-D logic. Building on this mutual relationship between value co-creation and ISAD, they propose a research agenda and discuss the ISAD artifacts that prospective research may target.