Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIG DITE)

In the digital age, organizations must continually innovate with digital technologies in order to succeed over time. This innovation involves the generation of digital products and services that enable fundamental changes to organizations (digital innovation) and the initiation of new ventures (digital entrepreneurship).

In recent decades, an increasing portion of this innovation is enabled or driven by digital technologies. New start up organizations, products, services, operational models, business models, industrial arrangements, work organization, etc., have all been dramatically influenced by the digital technologies that are involved in their development, and the digital technologies that are embedded in the innovations themselves. The goal of this track is to offer a venue for research that focuses on digital technologies and different forms of organizational innovation and entrepreneurship, broadly conceived.

Track Chairs:
Kathryn Brohman, Queen’s University,
Robert W. Gregory, University of Virginia,
Ola Henfridsson, University of Miami,

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Monday, August 9th
12:00 AM

A Taxonomy for Digital Technology

Silvia Bogea Gomes, University of Lisbon
Flavia Maria M. Santoro, UERJ
Miguel Mira da Silva, University of Lisbon

12:00 AM

Balancing Competition and Cooperation in IT Value Cocreation: The Case of Digital Platform Ecosystems

Yasalde Oldair Jimenez, IE University
Alvaro E. Arenas, IE University

12:00 AM

Enabling Factors of Digital Intrapreneurship: A Socio-Technical Perspective

Lena-Marie Pätzmann, University of St. Gallen

12:00 AM

Entrepreneurship Processes in a Bike Sharing Startup

Yurong Yao, Suffolk University
Peng Xu, University of Massachusetts Boston

12:00 AM

ICT startups in Times of Covid-19

Korpysa Jaroslaw, University of Szczecin

12:00 AM

Mechanisms Fostering Tech Start-up Emergence in the Nigerian Digital Ecosystem

Emmanuel Okoro Ajah, American University of Nigeria
Chidi Ononiwu, American University of Nigeria

12:00 AM

Towards a Holistic Cloud Computing Taxonomy: Theoretical & Practical Findings

Marvin Rosian, Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST
Philipp Hagenhoff, Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST
Boris Otto, Fraunhofer ISST

12:00 AM

What Makes an Innovative Business Model? Evidence From the 70 Most Innovative Firms

Timo Phillip Böttcher, Technical University of Munich
Duc Anh Phi, Technical University of Munich
Rob Jago Floetgen, Technical University of Munich
Jörg Weking, Technical University of Munich
Helmut Krcmar, Technical University of Munich

12:00 AM