By adopting, adapting, or developing Information Systems (IS), organizations and their IS continually undergo a considerable transformation often referred to as “digital transformation”. As a result, information systems, business models, business processes, and end-user workplaces are perpetually analyzed, rethought, and changed. Nowadays, many systems in organizations are already interconnected to form inter-organizational IS, contributing to a complex IS landscape in current organizations. This renews the importance of analyzing the interplay between IS and organizations from socio-technical and end-user perspectives and the implications of changing IS on end-users and customers, who are increasingly technologically savvy and immersed in this digital transformation. This year, we invite research papers and real-life teaching cases to be submitted on topics related to organizational transformation and IS, business process management, changing workplaces and IS integration, knowledge management and training, end-user computing, and IT consulting and inter-organizational information systems.

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A Framework of Factors Enabling Digital Transformation

Manuel Muehlburger, Johannes Kepler University
David Rueckel, Johannes Kepler University
Stefan Koch, Johannes Kepler University

Blessings and Pitfalls of Harnessing Employee-Driven Innovation within a Work Model

Victoria Alexandra Reibenspiess, German Graduate School of Management and Law
Katharina Drechsler, German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS)
Andreas Eckhardt, German Graduate School of Management and Law
Heinz-Theo Wagner, German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS)


Zofia Saternus, Goethe University Frankfurt
Katharina Staab, Techniche Universität Darmstadt
Oliver Hinz, Goethe University Frankfurt

Computerizability, Consequence of Error, and Job Automation

Gang Peng, California State University Fullerton

Continuous Transformation of Public Sector Organisations in the Digital Era

Benjamin Faro, University of Technology Sydney
Babak Abedin, University of Technology Sydney
Dilek Cetindamar Kozanoglu, University of Technology Sydney

Data Analytics to Improve Citizen-Centric Smart City Services

Uday Kulkarni, Arizona State University
Jose Antonio Robles-Flores, Universidad ESAN

Designing Radio in a Personalized World

Stefan Hirschmeier, University of Cologne
Johannes Werner Melsbach, University of Cologne

Digital Innovation and Taxi Services: The Case of Uru in Ghana

John Effah, University of Ghana
Richard Boateng, Department of Operations and MIS, University of Ghana Business School

Digitization at Any Cost? Willingness to Trade Efficiency for Organizational, Human, and Relational Costs

Yevgen Bogodistov, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Nadine Kathrin Ostern, Management Department

Dimensions of Digital Twin Applications - A Literature Review

Martin Robert Enders, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Nadja Hoßbach, Fraunhofer IIS

Identifying Traces of Boundary Object Properties in Data Hub Development Narratives: Two Cases from Scandinavian Electricity Market

Jwan Khisro, Mid Sweden University
Thomas Persson-Slumpi, Mid Sweden University

IT Landscape Discovery via Runtime Instrumentation for Automating Enterprise Architecture Model Maintenance

Martin Kleehaus, TUM
Matheus Hauder, Allianz Deutschland AG
Ömer Uludag, Technical University of Munich
Florian Matthes, Technical University of Munich
Nicolas Corpancho Villasana, TUM

Measuring the strategic business and IT alignment in a digitally revolutionized economy

Ariel I. La Paz, University of Chile

The Impact of Digitization on Contemporary Innovation Management

Axel Hund, German Graduate School
Heinz-Theo Wagner, German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS)
Heiko Gewald, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

The Power of Knowledge: A Literature Review on Socio-Technical Perspectives on Organizational Knowledge Management

Jessica Ochmann, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Sven Laumer, Insitute of Information Systems
Jörg Franke, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Towards Organizational Transformations: A Manageable Model to Communicate Changes

Álvaro de Meneses Prata, UFPE
Simone C. Santos, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Transformed Knowledge Sharing Through Business-managed IT and Shadow IT

Stefan Klotz, TU Dresden
Markus Westner, OTH Regensburg
Susanne Strahringer, TU Dresden
Christian Schieder, OTH Amberg-Weiden

Turning Mentoring Around – A Case-based Analysis of the Outcomes of Digital Reverse Mentoring

Paul Wilhelm von Preußen, Digital8
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg

Understanding Data-driven Service Ecosystems in the Automotive Domain

Christian Kaiser, Virtual Vehicle Research Center
Alexander Stocker, Virtual Vehicle Research Center
Michael Fellmann, University of Rostock

Understanding digital transformation and disruptive technology impacts on bank managers' routine

Leandro Feitosa Jorge, Universite de Sherbrooke
Elaine Mosconi, Université de Sherbrooke
Nathalie Cadieux, University of Sherbrooke

What to Expect from Enterprise Architects in Large-Scale Agile Development? A Multiple-Case Study

Ömer Uludag, Technical University of Munich
Martin Kleehaus, Technical University of Munich
Niklas Reiter, Technical University of Munich
Florian Matthes, Technical University of Munich