Globalization, technological progress, and demographic trends in-creasingly influence our labor markets. With changing labor markets and increas-ing digitalization, new competencies of workers are needed to meet demands. However, as a first step to developing these new skills, knowledge about the ex-isting skills and their status quo is necessary. Here, automated skill assessment offers a crucial added value, as it can create a reliable and objective database. Based on a systematic investigation, our analysis shows, in four different areas, how skills and competencies in the automated assessment are (1) defined, (2) included as an element of analysis, (3) methodically recorded and processed, (4) which data source is used. In doing so, we offer insights into existing approaches to automated assessment of professional skills. In doing so, we contribute to a better understanding of the design of automated skill assessment methods and provide perspectives on future research directions.

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Track 7: Digital Innovation, Adoption & Use