Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) deals with the integration of Web 2.0 and Social Media into CRM. Social CRM is a business strategy supported by technology platforms in order to provide mutually beneficial value for both companies and customers. Gartner has identified Social CRM as one of the top innovation-triggered themes in 2013 [1]. In this context, a constraining factor regarding the implementation of Social CRM and the achievement of its objectives is the lack of an appropriate performance measurement model. Little research has been conducted on the relevant performance factors and Social CRM performance measurement models. To address this gap, the article presents the qualitative part of a two-stage multi-method approach. It comprises findings from a literature review, 15 semi-structured interviews and a consolidation procedure. A preliminary Social CRM performance measurement model is developed containing four performance dimensions, 25 classified Social CRM performance factors and corresponding performance measures.