\Networked enterprises"are characterized by distributed teams
of partner organizations, humans, computer applications,
autonomous robots, and devices collaborating with each other
in order to achieve higher productivity and to collaborate
in joint projects or produce joint products that would have
been impossible to develop without the contributions of multiple
collaborators. In networked enterprises, special consideration
must be paid to the IT systems which are in the
position to integrate di erent applications across company
boundaries as known from enterprise application integration.
At the same time, high requirements are imposed
on the employees within such alliances. The contribution
of this paper is an architecture for legacy application integration
in web-based portal systems, speci cally tailored to
the requirements of networked enterprises and focusing on
a user-centric approach, allowing the user to customize his
workspace to his own needs. Following its presentation, the
proposed architecture is validated by a prototypical implementation.