This article examines the relationships between the media news frame and consumer brand attitude after the product-harm crisis. Based on the past classification about negative events, this article divides the media news frame into two kinds: disability type and immoral type. By a 2(media frame: disability VS immorality) * 2 ( severity of crisis: high VS low) experiment, the findings show that in the case of product harm crisis, the customer brand attitude is more significantly affected by the immoral type media news frame. In the meanwhile, the significance of this frame effect is affected by cognitive need and severity of crisis. For the consumers with high cognitive need, the frame effect is not obvious. But for the ones with low cognitive need, the frame effect is obvious. The customer brand attitude is more obviously affected by the media news frame in a circumstance of high crisis than low crisis. Therefore, when a product-harm crisis happened, the firms should care about the news reporting format so that the customer brand attitude will not be seriously damaged and the brand image can be well restored.